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19.02.2019 – XI Justice

Being a Libra, my sense of justice has featured largely in my life but it has been a heavy cross to bear along with the cusp effect of Virgo and its attention to detail.

Where does Justice feature in your life?

Are you able to opt for the power of the pen over the sword?

Do you allow some things to pass you by in so much as it is not within your power to do anything about it and trust that karma will sort it out eventually?

My guidance today is from the teachings of Abraham Hicks who would ask you - "Do you find it easy?" - to what is being put before you that you need to take action on (or not!).

Do you engage in righting the wrongs or is this another of life’s lessons that you notch up to experience and walk away?

The choice is always within your own free will (even though you don’t ‘think’ it is).

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