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19.01.2022 XVII The Star

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Mercury is retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aquarius and is in a tight square to planet Uranus which is in Taurus. This card today is linked to Aquarius and therefore its ruling planet Uranus. Another day of tapping into our intuition to guide us through the chaotic realities of life on earth. The Divine Wish or the Wish Fulfilment Card. The worst of things are over and we can now expect things to get better. Another day of shining our own unique light and in finding out who we are, of finding our authentic self so we can find our direction forward. A day of letting our inner light shine through, of our new hopes, dreams and visions. Card of eccentricity, the greater good, humanitarian and understanding. New growth, new potential, blessings, grace and optimism. Today we receive star energy, blessings from the Universe, believe in ourselves. Find what inspires us, what brings us happiness and direct ourselves onto that path regardless of what others are doing. This is our life, this is our journey, we are responsible for ourselves. We can look within our heart, our intuition and know what our truth is as we enter a period of hope and serenity. Only we can give ourselves that state of being. It is not for others to do it for us because they can’t. It is an inner process of understanding self and having to courage to show up in the world as ourselves, not a carbon copy of others. Time to take our life back and live it.

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