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19.01.2021 Six of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Day one of a visit from the celebratory card six of wands. Today astrology wise is the first day of Aquarius in the new Aquarian era. Time to think differently. Last week in my Wednesday Weekly Wisdom I wrote about the end to competition. Can you imagine a world of care, nurturing and support of our fellow beings instead of the ego driven force that wants us to be better than others? A new world is being born where we can learn from good rather than sacrifice. Only those who want to hold individual selves in ‘pods’ of manipulation would have us believe that we should learn through suffering. Is today the first day of this new energy dawning that looks beyond the false gods and glorification powers that trample over the rights of others? Two sixes together indicate that we are on the right path. Take faith from that, whatever we may face today and tomorrow. Be in our own worlds. Employ the Serenity Prayer and do what is right for us individually first. Individually we cannot change the world, but individually, in our own power, alongside others who have found this truth, we can!

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