• Patricia Jean Fleming

18.12.2020 King of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Our final royal is from a different lineage than our previous visitors but welcome nonetheless as he brings the energy of alchemy to us today. Talking of esoteric symmetry we also have the numerology of 7 today from the date and our King is twice that as 14th of his suit. As 7 energy has been strong around me let me share that it is of assessment, evaluation and reflection, things that would assist us in helping us to know our true selves and hearts desires. This king, for me, is the Magician. He wields the magic ace of wands in all its powerful and passionate glory. He holds double fire energy and today we can embrace that to help us to get things done that may have been evasive to us of late. He brings determination, inspiration and tenacity to us if we so wish to pick up that gauntlet. I always feel excited when I see this card and believe that anything is possible. Keeping our minds in positivity this is a great card to see us into the weekend. Are we ready for some magic in our lives?

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