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18.09.2021 XVI The Tower

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Saturday: Energetically jumped out of the pack when choosing the cards for this tranche which is a block of 28 this time instead of the 21. It reminds me that all things change, nothing is truly set in stone. How we are open to flow with this energy gives us an easy or a difficult passage. The Tower is of disruption or loss, unavoidably, unexpectedly and with force. The Universe tears down the tower to move us on, to liberate, to realign us to a new path. The old being destabilised, built on unstable foundations. Card of aggression, conquest, drive, ego and impulse. Of survival instinct, fight, revelation and truth. Where change is brought to a situation. A light bulb moment. Something that shakes up our world view but a good thing. A crisis point yet profound discovery. Having held onto something too tightly and overcome it. Card of the planet Mars in the Sun sign it rules, Aries. Mars is the planet of war yet not all wars are negatively destructive e.g. our war on cancer.

It is the planet of action and desire, of initiation and self-assertion. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and brings the fire element of creativity, expansion, passion and will. Mars is currently in Libra, opposite sign to Aries causing the energy to be less fiery and more airy. In this sign it favours turning energy into action to fight for fairness and justice in this world.

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