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18.08.2021 Ace of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Wednesday: Whatever was decided yesterday, today’s Ace is showing us a cup brimming with potential. It is the cup of joy. A gift from the hand of the Divine. An offer or an opportunity available to us should we choose to be open to receive it!

What is it that we really want to manifest for ourselves? Are we ready for a new beginning or new phase to start today? This card in linked to the element of water and is therefore about our emotional life, about the fulfilment we wish to experience. To be able to receive this we need to be receptive. How can a cup hold liquid if it is full of holes? What areas of our lives need the filler treatment or sticking plasters? Can we move our thoughts into the positive that allows ourselves to see us as whole and complete as we are?

If we do not believe that we are worthy of love and joy in our lives then these are the holes that need to be plugged or removed. When we are whole then we attract others into our lives that have experienced this new way of being.

Card of the love and money planet of Venus in the Sun sign of Cancer. When we deem ourselves as worthy, then this is the energy we will draw towards us.

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