• Patricia Jean Fleming

18.07.2021 Six of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Sunday: Known also as the Law of Attraction card and linked to the Major Arcana Justice card, today we are getting a message that now is the time. Did we follow up on the Magicians guidance yesterday? Are we ready to embrace all that we need rather than all that we want? This is a time to focus on where to place our energy and, what we put in, we get back. It is about the Universal flow of give and take; generosity. It is about emotional stability and compassion.

There could be a happy message winding its way to us today. Is the piper in our card showering the plants with pentacles [gold] or is he drawing them out of the ground? There are many different ways to look at things in life and this asks us to do just that. What is it that we truly need to live a safe, secure and needs met life? Can we learn to trust that the Universal forces will bring to us that which we need rather than what we think we want? Can we learn to be satisfied with only having what we need and with that a knowing that all other humans receive what they need also? What is money really worth? Do we think we need it when all along it is the plants of nature that sustain our lives more than cash? What can we do to assist ourselves to be less dependent on cash, what can we produce for ourselves?

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