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18.06.2021 Nine of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: From Mars in Pisces, today we have Mars in Gemini. This Nine of Swords card is asking us if we are feeling as if we are losing control? But, are we ever truly in control, is that not the issue? Let us get back on track and put things into perspective and onto a positive keel to assist us in seeing our way forward.

Maybe we think that the message from yesterday didn’t happen. Well, sometimes it takes a little longer than one day to come to fruition. Also, there can be unseen energies at work arranging things for us and we don’t want to take the cake out of the oven half-baked!

We are living in a time where mastering our own individual minds will pay us dividends in the future.

It is a time of being aware of what is the truth we can physically see and feel around us. Not what has been fed to us second or third hand. What is our own individual truth today?

As has been shared before, we can take on negativity but that is a downward spiral of no assistance to us – we do need to ‘get out of our heads.’ We can take charge of our mind and not have it ruling us; especially with those 'what if' stories that don’t do anyone any good.

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