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18.05.2022 XI Justice

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: We are still fluctuating back and forward from major to minor arcana and back again. ‘The minor falls, the major lifts’ . . . Hallelujah! Today we lift into the Justice Card, number eleven, a master number. An eleven has the energies from both one and two with greater strength and amplification. Eleven represents instinct. Its traits include empathy, free thinking, inspiring, introverted, psychic and spiritual. Listen to our inner guiding voice today and let it guide us. The Justice Card is sometimes known as the Card of Truth. It is about doing the right thing not just for us but for everyone involved. About finding balance after instability. Card of balance, fairness and harmony. Of appeasing, and deliberation. Of taking decisive action. A reward for our efforts and possible new offers coming in. Linked to the zodiac sign of balance and the scales of justice, Libra. Libra (along with Taurus our current Sun sign) is ruled by Venus which is about relationships and values, love and resources. Today in astrology Mars is Conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Heather Eland shares: . . . ‘We may find that our physical body is just not capable of doing much at all! A good use of this energy is to find a bit of solitude in order to rest and allow the energies to move through.’

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