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18.05.2021 Ace of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: The cycles of life are portrayed in this card with the autumn leaves lying on the ground and the new growth springing from the stick held by the fox. Feels like a mother and two cubs while elementals watch on. The aces are known as gifts from god or the universe. They are about new beginnings but not without action on our part. What is potentially awaiting us today? Let us be open to moving forwards in what excites us with the spark that is igniting our passion; stand in our own power with courage and confidence. Wands are the element of fire in the Tarot and bring us creativity and expansion energy plus the will to move things on. When we don’t know what to do it just means the time is not right, but when our enthusiasm is stirred, we know what to do and when. Be open to opportunities, don’t let the mind take us in the wrong direction. Open our heart and intuition to receive the knowing that will never guide us wrong.

Let the passion of the fire energy pour from our strength of being through our chemistry and creativity today.

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