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18.04.2021 Three of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Our last card for this week is the other three. Pentacles are the last of the four suits and they represent the final part of the cards journey before we return to the beginning again. When we know there is ultimately no end, then we learn to make more of being here now, stepping out of misplaced fears and dated learned behaviours. As we are social beings then it is predominately nicer to be with others as we make our journeys.

Threes are about birth, growth and creativity. Let us not think about how we can do this on our own but rather how we can do this so much better with the company and support of others as we too support them. A card that represents building strong foundations and focusing on that which we are ready to create. When we learn to trust we find the joy in collaboration, without competition, where everyone wins. We grow through learning to work together in a supportive way. We are all uniquely different and so we all bring different strengths into the whole. When we work from the heart and not the ego then we find a freedom of being that transforms our lives. How many of us are ready for this way of living?

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