• Patricia Jean Fleming

18.01.2022 Three of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: My apologies. I got the time of the full moon wrong in yesterday’s reading. The 6.48pm was EST not GMT therefore the first moon of 2022 was at 23.48 GMT last night and as it was only 12 minutes of midnight we will surely continue strongly in its energy all of today and maybe tomorrow too. Our card brings us more of planet Mercury energy today in the zodiac sign of Cancer which is ruled by the moon. The cards are coming up trumps with all the current astrology energy! We are in week three of the last tranche of cards I was guided to draw and today we have a three energy in the Cups suit. Threes are about birth, creativity, growth and a new journey. Card of something new happening with learned lessons from the past. This card is about closing one door while another opens for us. The energy of ‘the winter is over and the spring is here.’ Of feeling the flow and things falling into place. Of coming together in celebration, of happy times. Of team work and asking for help. Of conveying emotions and thoughts of traditional family values and home life. While this Wolf Moon is fully illuminated on the side we look out onto, we are guided to shine a light on our inner self, our true self. Not what life has made us but what causes us to be happy and joyful in this life. Let us embrace compassion and our intuition today. A day to nurture ourselves, rest and relax.

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