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18.01.2021 Page of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Double earth energy to ground us today. Grounding is not always about getting out in nature but about going within and grounding our energy in the here and now. Getting out of our ‘monkey’ minds and taking back control of our lives. Not doing what we think we 'have' to do but checking in with our hearts and finding what we truly 'want' to be doing. The royal Pages are our messengers, they bring us youthful enthusiasm. This card is the cover picture of the Shadowscapes Companion book. Choose well that which we wrap around us at this time. The lady sits in contemplation while holding the light and is in the company of wisdom [the owl]. Know when to use the stealth of silent flight during the day – go lightly. ‘She is practical, down to earth, one who reflects before acting but at the same time is unafraid to embrace a world of physical enjoyment. She is light-hearted and joyous, and her spirit is entwined with everything around her.’ Make some time to engage with some fun and joyous things today too.

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