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17.12.2021 Six of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: We stay with Moon energy but today in the zodiac sign of Taurus with this card. Yesterday it was Moon in Libra and planet Venus rules both of these signs so hinting at its energy of love and resources, relationships and values. Today we are being grounded after yesterdays air sign and further grounding from planet Venus currently in Capricorn (stationing direct on the 19th at 10.35GMT. We are also leading up to the full moon with it currently being 97% illuminated having today moved out of Taurus into the air sign of Gemini. Don’t you love this balancing act of energies at work? This card is known as the Law of Attraction card. Of getting what we need more so than what we think we want. It is an energy of efforts being rewarded and time to focus on where to place our energy. We do well to pay heed to the Universal flow of give and take, of generosity and being open to a happy message being passed on to us today. Card of emotional stability and compassion regarding material things. Card also linked to the Justice card in the major arcana. This is not about getting one-upmanship but being grateful for the dice falling in our favour. First of two number six cards, another tomorrow. Six is about balance and harmony, communication, evaluation and problem solving.

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