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17.10.2021 II The High Priestess

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Our last card of the week is ‘our lady’ of the major arcana. Linked to various such as Popess and Persephone alongside Marian (Mother Mary) and Hathor. She drops by today to guide us forward with full understanding of how the moon energy can play tricks on us.

She is about expressing emotions, our inner sanctum, about connecting to our

unconscious and a spiritual life.

She asks us to trust our instincts from within. To reconnect to our true self energy. She advises to keep something close to our chest as this is not the time to share it. Inasmuch as the full moon will be with us on the 20th, the energies are already around us. The world is not always as it seems and especially around the full moon. There are reasons the moon when it is full shines extra light onto the planet.

Are you able to pick up on these energies? Do you allow yourself to connect with your inner being? We would do well to follow Rudyard Kipling’s advice to his son in his poem IF: ‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs . . .’ Volatile and explosive occurrences are being heralded by this full moon in the zodiac sign of Aries which is of fire energy. Meanwhile Heather Eland tells us: The Great Benefic planet Jupiter stations direct today/tomorrow depending on our time-zone. It brings ‘forward momentum and external growth, good fortune and opportunity for a few final weeks in the sign of Aquarius before the planet that brings all the best vibes moves on to its home sign of Pisces at the end of this year. . . this Full Moon asks us to take a step back and get an objective, birds eye view of the situation before moving forward to insure that we’re truly acting from a place of integrity.’ So, following the guidance of the last few days, let us continue to move into and hold a positive view of the future. We may still have to go through some difficult times but what is on the other side of it all will be truly worth it.

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