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17.10.2020 – Eight of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: This was the card of the day on the 4th of October, the day I chose the next 21 cards. 13 days, some may call 13 unlucky but it has always been a lucky number for me and nothing to fear.

It equates to 4 in numerology and that is about stability, structure, foundation plus safety and security. Certainly with a second wave and closure of restaurants announced, it feels like we are taking a step backwards.

Something that needs to be rethought, or re-planned. This card can be about adapting to circumstances but in the depiction we see the hummingbird in the light up out of the briar patch where the swan believes it is stuck. Let us lift our sights above the current turmoil to better days ahead. We have the association of the lucky planet Jupiter to assist any negative energy and the Sun sign of Gemini which brings us adaptability and flexibility. We can do this, if we choose to. Remember we are still in the dark of the new moon while many of the planets are retrograde. Use any downtime to your advantage.

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