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17.09.2020 – Nine of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Today we have the Wish Fulfilment card and what a day to get it, perfect! Why so good today? Well, today we have the new moon in Virgo at 12 noon GMT. It is a ‘super’ new moon and its energies can be felt for days on either side. As ever, new moons are about new beginnings and having the Ace two days ago balancing with our central King yesterday, even the cards are super charged just now. Like the King we have journeyed through some tricky stuff both internal and externally which has given us great insight into how we want to see ourselves progress with this new beginning today and throughout the rest of this year. Don’t expect everything to come to you on a plate, for life would be boring if it was always served up that way but neither doubt the magical moments that can also happen for us. Do you recognise and celebrate the synchronicities that we receive? Gratitude is a powerful energy. The ‘lucky’ planet Jupiter symbolizes this card in association with the Sun sign Pisces. With similar energy to that of the King, this sign is the last of the 12 and therefore carries some of the experience of each of the signs within it. How would you like your future to unfold?

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