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17.06.2022 Six of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: One card on from yesterday’s five we have reached a level of achievement. Card of being in our own power, knowing what we are made of and what we are capable off. Card of knowing ourselves and therefore who our friends are; like minded. Card of a success or victory. Of putting challenges behind us and ‘getting back on the horse!’ Of attracting good fortune, of pride and prosperity. Card of strong independent energy and of ‘making a name’ for ourselves. Of breaking free from ‘the fight’, the struggle, the drama or competition and coming out the victor; the winner. Card of the planet Jupiter and staying with Leo energy as yesterday. Jupiter is our planet of beliefs and confidence, of expansion and truth. Of optimism and opportunity. Leo energy brings us an ability to be expressive, creative, playful. Generous, loving and passionate. I'm getting an echo to the power of two that was with us earlier in the week. Today’s date reduces to 20 = 2. Joanne, Sacred Scribes tells us that with twenty: . . ‘things are happening behind the scenes that will be of great benefit to you in the near future. Even though you may not be experiencing these opportunities just yet, believe that they are on their way to you right now. Have faith and trust in the Divine.’

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