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17.06.2021 Ten of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: We are dipping back into the water element with today's’ ten. The Shadowscapes Companion book shares: ‘The water swirls around the two of them. The wave-tops have been kissed by the sun, and the waters are warm and inviting. . . . The Ten of Cups is the final attainment of serenity and peace. Success and happiness have been granted at last – an all-encompassing emotional contentment, not just a physical or material pleasure. Family support and bonds are important to being able to enjoy the blessings of life.’ How will we measure up to this wonderful card today? It is also known as the Happy Ever After card. A card that talks to us of successful relationships, long term partnerships, commitment, marriage and family dynamics.

It is a card of conquest and drive in creative matters or relationships. Associated to the planet Mars in the Sun sign of Pisces. Guidance for us of going with the flow and not seeking to control situations. A day for compassion and love. A need for finding an outlet for our creative expression and allowing the ebb and flow of our energies today.

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