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17.06.2020 – Six of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Sixes can speak of home, service and family and with our six of wands today we see the victory pose of someone who has reached success/pride. The future ahead may not be as clear as we would like it to be but take stock of how far you have come to today and the successes and achievements you have had along the way. Sometimes that can be just getting out of bed in the morning to face another difficult day ahead. Do not underestimate the value of that energy that keeps us going.

What we can do is look within and ask ourselves was the success worth what we went through to get it? Am I happy? Am I living the kind of life I want to live? If not, then what can I do to change this?

The answers are never outside of us, never with other people, we hold all these within – we just don’t ‘think’ we are capable of making these changes. Mercury is currently stationed in Cancer (May 28th - 5th August). Its energies are asking us to be aware of our communication and make it clear and compassionate. In so doing we build a bridge from our ego brain to our knowing heart.

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