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17.03.2022 Page of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Over the last three days we have had earth element guidance. With the full moon tomorrow in Virgo I am now aware that this is is where that energy is coming from. A full moon reflects the light of the sun through our nights giving us extra hours in our earth days to engage in our natural ways of being or even to shine a light onto our own self. The Pages are messengers who bring us invitations or opportunities. They are enthusiastic and youthful bringing us that achievable energy to ‘go for it.’ They are the first card of the royals, the court cards, and that brings us newness. Our Swords air element adds an abundance of energy and passion. Today we are being asked to check whether or not we have taken on too much of late or are we managing to live our life one step at a time? Why blow like a storm then find we have no energy left. Blow gently and smoothly then we will have energy for another day. Slow but sure wins the race. Each step we take adds to the previous one and lengthens the path we have walked. It also leaves us with the strength to clear the path ahead should we come across hurdles. Pages are of the earth element and Swords of the air. Again I am linking to the planet Venus that rules both Taurus, an earth sign and Libra an air sign. Love is all around – if we allow it to be. Pam Gregory at 19min’s into her Full Moon in Virgo YouTube video asks us to ‘be very conscious of how our thoughts and emotions are moving through the day.’ Do we know how powerful we are and how positivity is helping to build our new world?

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