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17.03.2021 Two of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Our second two this week following yesterdays Wands. Together side by side they bring us the Master Builder numerology of 22. A balanced number, a bringing together of the material and the spiritual with the power of inner wisdom. The Shadowscapes Companion books says of this card that it is: ‘about making a connection, a union, a partnership. It is the bringing together of opposites and the potential for bonding. It is relationship. Like a living organism, relationships grow, the ones that are strong become pillars of stability.' Moving out of the dark of the new moon we are coming into a time of illumination and cooperation. The planet of love Venus in the Sun sign of the emotional Cancer. How open is your heart today? Are you able to open it up after all the pain that you have suffered? Can you feel the reality that a better love can exist and that you are worthy of it? The card of new love, manifesting someone who instantly knows/gets you. A pure and honest beautiful heart to heart connection. Affection, emotional, supportive and solid relationship. Someone who knows your heart. Are you ready to let love in?

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