• Patricia Jean Fleming

17.02.2019 - The Fool

Asked to look at the book for this one today.:

“It begins with a whispered voice. The serpentine song threads through her days and her thoughts. It beckons: Come… come… come… “Where?” she asks, curious, but there is no response.”

I am hearing Mel Gibson shouting 'Freedom' and seeing the view from Titanic with Leonardo and Kate as 'that' song plays out. Then the beautiful quotation: “Come to the edge," he said. "We can't, we're afraid!" they responded… … And he pushed them. And they flew.” I have not quoted the whole poem as on the internet there is question around who it should be attributed to.

Are you finding a new sense of self while others (the fox) sit on bemused by the whole spectacle, wondering what has happened to you?

You have reached this stepping off place having overcame all that is behind you. Take heart and fly (symbolically speaking of course) my beautiful ones.

Feel the support that is there for you depicted in the card by the doves and the red ribbon.

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