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17.01.2022 I The Magician

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Oooh! The energies are strong with us this week. We start on a magical day with the first full moon of 2022 illuminating our emotions in the zodiac sign of Cancer at 18:48GMT. Numerology wise today’s date breaks down to six which equals this years energy and feels like a great synchronicity on the day of our first full moon. Six energy is balance, communication, equilibrium, harmony and problem solving. The one card today brings in new beginnings and potential with strong energy as it is from the major arcana and is The Magician. This card is linked to the planet Mercury and over the past four days we have been in both Venus and Mercury energy swinging to and fro from each. Both planets are currently in retrograde Venus in Capricorn (earth element) and Mercury next door in Aquarius (air element). Mercury is at home in Gemini and Virgo, air and earth elements. Venus being Taurus and Libra, earth and air elements. These planets are the only two that cover two signs of the zodiac each. Can you feel the balance and harmony of this? The Magician is transformational energy. What do we want to transform? A day to focus our energies and step into our truth. We can harness the cosmic energy and focus it within ourselves today, having belief in our abilities, mastering self from within. Today is a great day for shifting the negatives into positives. Today is a day to embrace a positive change of self. Card of communication, ideas, intelligence, process, thoughts and social influence. Let us let go of the things we cannot change, be aware of what we can and have the wisdom to know the difference. [Serenity Prayer]

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