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16.11.2021 Ten of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: A third day of Wands energy. This feels to be about mental issues more so than physical heavy burdens today. About how we can weigh ourselves down through thoughts and thinking. We can never know what someone else is thinking. Like us they too are wonderfully unique. We need to learn to ask our questions rather than make judgements. We do not walk in their shoes! A day which is reminding us to shed the heavy loads we carry around with us. Once we off-load we can walk much lighter through this life.

If we saw a friend struggle with a heavy bag, we would automatically step forward and offer assistance. Why then do we allow ourselves to weigh ourselves down in this way? Awareness is a first step to change. Linked to the planet Saturn in the adventurous zodiac sign of Sagittarius. We are in the energies of a burdened life, being limited, severity and a perceived world view. We may also be experiencing the overbearing energy of another who too is living a burdened life. Today we are asked: How can we lighten our load today? Take time to think on this without adding the but if’s or I should etc. Put yourself first as guided in yesterdays card.

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