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16.10.2020 – Two of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Our ongoing narrative for those of you who read these posts daily, presents us today with the Two of Wands. This card brings us the energy of planet Mars in the Sun sign of Aries. The card talks of advancing, taking forward action but today we have the new moon in Libra (opposite sign to Aries). So take this time to picture that potential new path ahead of you, but with the energy of this new moon, it is advisable to wait before taking actual action with it. Why not spend this time ruminating the difficulty that this card brings to us i.e. a crossroads or a decision to be made and what positive action you could make once the energies turn back in our favour; in forward momentum. The new moon is at 20.31 GMT and its energy can be very strong with us for the first couple of days even though it lasts for a lot longer, the energy waning as the moon grows. I like to use visuals and this would be when it steps out from the dark and we begin to see the sliver of a crescent appear a couple of days on. Don’t be in any haste though as we currently have a few retrograde planets, Mars being one of them!

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