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16.05.2019 – Three of Cups

Thursday: How beautiful, again drawn to the book to read for you today. I love this card, it speaks to me of upliftment, joy and happiness in companionship with like-minded souls. Sharing and caring, being a part of the greater good.

Being here at the 'gathering' finds me in such a place. The book shares poetic words such as: The sirens of the deep have been waiting for this moment. They come together when they feel the signal that trembles through the waves to all the corners of the sea . . . the song echoes to the vast vault of the heavens. The Three of Cups is a call to celebration, dancing and singing. Friendship is its key component, and companionship, relying on others, and developing community and team spirit.

What acts of community or team spirit are you engaging in today?

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