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16.04.2019 – Seven of Wands

Tuesday: Some say the best form of defence is to attack. If you have been backed into a corner and there is no other way out . . .

The choice is yours in how you react.

In today’s world, have we lost the ‘buffer’ of time ie. letters in the post in comparison to instant messaging?

Do we allow ourselves to be carried along in the energy of other people or are we strong enough to stand our ground when called to?

How can you stay in a place of love when you are being attacked?

Are you able to see the pain that the other person is going through?

They too are a spiritual being!

What we mean here is ie sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never harm me’. Do not accept any form of physical or mental abuse but do take a little time to consider what makes that person feel the need to let their anger spill out.

Whatever situation pops up into your life today, think outside the box, outside of the fracas, to a heartfelt way of dealing with the situation – what would love do?

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