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16.02.2021 Three of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Saturn in Libra. Feels like a straight jacket has been forced onto one who is normally free to make ones own decisions. Saturn brings us parental energies which when supportive, caring and loving are more than welcome. But when they are draconian, and forced on a sensitive being, then it is like being a pin cushion receiving constant jabs. When we are children then we have to live with this until we are able to either hold our own within the family unit or move on. When we are adults then it is within our free will to live with it or leave. Nothing is wasted, these are the challenges that we learn from and get to know ourselves better. This is the card of heartbreak. It comes not only through romantic relationships but in many guises throughout the journey of our lifetime. Even the loss of a pet can cause us deep anxiety and grief. This all sounds very negative, not what you normally hear from me, but today this is the energy that is speaking to me so I have to share it. So, to sprinkle some fairy dust onto it would be when we are in the position of being able to see that it is time to put receipt of pain behind us; be that from our minds or from fact. Time when we step into the power of us, putting ourselves before the perceived need to be with others because that is the done thing to do. This is the card of harsh truths being realised.

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