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  • Patricia Jean Fleming

16.02.2019 - IV The Emperor

With the fourth Major Arcana card appearing in as many days, we are connecting with heightened energies available to us right now.

Have you tried meditating? If not, why not try one of mine?

Know the difference between your human body and your Higher Self (Soul). As energy we can escape the human body (like when we dream) switching off the Ego and allowing that which serves us best to guide us.

You may have heard of Abraham Hicks – ‘Ask and it is Given’ (my favoured Oracle pack as it happens at my Guided Meditations in Barcelona). Now is the time to do your asking.

The Emperor holds the crystal ball as he stands in front of an energy portal. He has no fear of drifting of the planet for he has rooted himself strongly into Mother Earth.

He wisely asks for guidance to assist with his life journey.

What do you currently need guidance with?

You can get a free download copy of Ester and Jerry Hicks – Ask and it is Given here:

This link is an interview Oprah Winfrey made with Ester Hicks:

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