• Patricia Jean Fleming

15.07.2021 Four of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: If we imagine the four being the corners of strong foundation, then this card shows us holding onto one of those ‘corners’ as if we are afraid to let go. Sometimes in life, we have to take that leap of faith without knowing what the outcome will be. This is not as difficult as that, for we we have already released the other three.

Another card this week of asking us to try to find clarity. Of reflecting on how to move forward from past hurts. It is about rest, recovery and renewal. Of a greater need for harmony, balance and success in relationships.

The card of the lucky planet Jupiter in the balancing and justice driven sign of Libra. Here we see the lady, not grasping the final sword, but still fearful of letting it go. What is happening in our lives today that we are loathed to let go of?

The book says that the flowers in this card are lotus, symbols of enlightenment and purity. I see them as Echinacea whose symbolism are of healing and strength; Strength as in yesterdays card. What areas of our life can be buoyed (lifted up)

with the energy of strength and the gift of healing today?

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