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15.06.2022 II The High Priestess

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Our last two energy this week. Twos are about balance, duality and relationships. Choices, decisions and reconciliation. The High Priestess represents the Moon which is of intuition and memory. The super full moon in Sagittarius yesterday lasts in energy being active from 8th to 20th June bringing illumination and in its trajectory a closeness of being. The card is about trusting our instincts from within, reconnecting to our true self/energy.

She is the epitome of Persephone and has been to hell and back. She comes to us today to guide us forward with full understanding of how we can allow moon energy to play tricks on us. As I said the other day, it is all about perception.

Usually for this card we are guided to keep something ‘close to our chest’, however, as the moon is full it is more likely to be about bringing things out of the shadows that have been hidden either by us or from us. Card of connecting to the unconscious, emotions, inner sanctum and our spiritual life. Linked to the Moon and therefore the zodiac sign of Cancer. The moon is of our inner emotional nature, our feelings, instinct and memories. Cancer is about caring and nurturing others. It is a big lesson for us to learn to nurture ourselves first. Its balanced traits bring us acceptance, gentleness, protectiveness and of being reflective. Not a day to try to hide anything. Be bold and say it [gently] as it is.

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