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15.06.2020 – Queen of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: From the Ace to the Queen today and still staying in the energy of air and the Swords suit. Looking at the card I am feeling strength, balance, focus and determination. Associated with the sun sign of Libra we also have the water energy from the Queen, so all air and water today. This is the minor arcana counterpart to the Justice card. Find your balance today and stand in your own truth, knowledge and light. Seek clarity in any area requiring illumination. The swans of Grace are taking a back seat and she has the Peacock alongside her.

Ted Andrews in Animal-Speak tells us that Peacock = Resurrection. Protection comes now through psychic and clairvoyant perceptions. Rebirth and resurrection will happen. Butterflies of transformation paint the sky with light before her. She has the sword but there is always trust and faith that it won’t have to be used. What positive energies can you pull into your life today to assist you in your resurrection/ rebirth’? Was it just yesterday when we talked about change, the energy continues!

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