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15.05.2021 V The Hierophant

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Five energy again today which never seems very far away through the daily readings of late. This one being served up via the major arcana bringing us its fated energy. Fives can be about unexpected change, disruption and negativity. If we focus on these energies then that is what we will draw to us. Time to change the way we think and employ the power of positivity to assist us through our days. Scientists have researched this and noted that the gratitude attitude and positive thinking have an effect on our physical bodies. We can’t afford to allow ourselves to wallow in a lesser power than that which we truly wish for. Let us set our sights higher and move our minds into affirming that it is indeed possible.

A card of shinning the light from within and finding answers there. Not in the brain but via the body antenna of intuition that we all have. Embrace change and see the difference it makes in comparison to resisting it. This card is linked to the Sun sign of Taurus which is about order and rules, strength and stability. It has a negative energy of living in the past which brings weakness into being. Be courageous and learn to take that leap of faith required to move on. Life is about change, embrace it.

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