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15.04.2022 Six of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Nice to have a more positive card coming forward for us at last! Today we have the card of Victory, or success. Of knowing who our friends are. Of ‘getting back on the horse’ to claim our victory crown and putting challenge behind us.

A level of achievement. Card of being in our own power, of knowing what we are made of and capable of. Today is a day when we can break free from the fight, the struggle, the drama or competition to step forward as a winner. Card of ‘making a name’ for ourselves and of strong independent energy. Linked to the planet Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Leo. Jupiter again, as yesterday’s card, planet of truth and expansion, beliefs and confidence. With the fire element of Leo, which is creative ,generous, giving, loving, passionate, playful, self-assured and self-expressive. Today at 04:06 BST (GMT+1hr) the planet Mars joins Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Heather Eland shares that this forms: ‘a powerful stellium in the last sign of the zodiac. The fiery passion of Mars into the watery realms of Pisces makes for a very interesting and almost contradictory energy. Mars is the energy of drive, ambition, exertion, competition, even war, divisiveness and aggression, whereas Pisces is a very soft and receptive energy of unity, spirituality, creativity and compassion.’ I feel a balancing out of energies as this card is a six and today being the 15th, that is a six too.

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