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15.03.2021 Nine of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: From the Page yesterday we take a couple of steps backwards today to the nine. What is it that we need to revisit at this time? Is there something that needs to be gone into in finer details? Being careful that we don’t lose ourselves in trying to reach perfection that is not required. This card is associated to the planet Venus in Sun sign of Virgo and can be about our dedication. Are we giving too much of ourselves? Sometimes 80% of our output = 100% of another, keep that in mind as we traverse the day.

Find the good in ourselves today, take the pat on the back when it is offered, how easy it is to say, ‘it was nothing’ especially when we went way beyond that which others would have done. Know our limits and don’t let someone else’s lack of doing become the rod to beat our backs! Offer assistance only when it is easy for you to do so or when someone else truly is struggling and unable to help themselves. We know the difference of that and being taken for a ‘soft touch’. Planet Mercury is travelling through Sun sign Pisces from today until April 3rd lending us the capacity to communicate creatively and with compassion.

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