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15.02.2019 - VIII Strength

Are you aware that you carry the energy on the Universe within you?

The lion has its paw on the crystal ball, your strength is held within it as energy and it will remain there until you are ready to receive it.

One day you will realise that you are that strength, you are body, mind and soul combined in that beautiful symbolic triplicity of the 'whole' you.

The 'grace'ful swan accompanies Strength to ensure it is used for benevolent purposes while the cat behind, reminds you that it is ok to take some time out to play; life is meant to be joyous.

Do not be drawn into the heavy energy of the 'gossips' beneath you, for they know not what they do. Send them love, for, after all they too are 'spiritual beings having a human experience.

Lift your sights high and feel the freedom of the birds flying above.

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