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15.01.2022 Six of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Staying with Mercury energy today as this card has the planet of communication linked to zodiac sign Aquarius. Also back to Swords energy per Tuesday/Wednesday earlier in the week. Swords are of the air element and are about justice [yesterday’s card] and truth etc. In this card I see ourselves dreaming of our future and bringing it close, bringing it into the now. To do that we need to surrender to being lifted from the past into a new way of being. Are we ready for this? Card of clear vision ahead/plain sailing and leaving our troubles behind. Detaching from troubled waters and moving on to calmer ones.

Of moving from A to B. Card of focus, intellectualising, lacking, learning and travel. Card of life transitions, new vision, new goal, new job. Sometimes known as the Honeymoon Card, possibly an invitation to travel. A card that asks us to experience life as it comes, to surrender to the moment. Of drifting, journey or relocation. Whatever rings true with us today we are asked to keep a positive attitude to help us on our way. Six is the energy of this year [2022 = 6] and brings us balance, equilibrium and harmony. Also, communication and problem solving. Maybe today we will solve some problems through having a chat with someone. Let us be open to this today.

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