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14.10.2020 – Ten of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Do we feel as if we are carrying yesterday’s Devil on our back? Well this card is the ten from the wands suit and we have reached the end of a journey. Now we can offload any burdens and make space for new things to come to us. This can be particularly difficult to accept while we allow the ego mind to dictate its views; it likes to keep us in its control which can weigh us down in difficult energy that is not really there. The card is associated with the planet Saturn in the sun sign of Sagittarius. Its energy is that of a Searcher, someone who wants to understand teachings and beliefs, then share them with others. Use that energy today to find connection to the higher perspective knowing that we each have divinity within us all. Find our peace within, which will show itself once we learn to let go of the burdens we carry. note the keywords in relation to Saturn energy as ‘Structure & Boundaries Limits & Discipline Order Conscience Realism & Maturity’. Today we use our maturity and knowledge of perceived limits and boundaries to know that negativity does not serve our forward momentum in this life.

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