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14.07.2021 VIII Strength

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Being called to the numerology of today’s date and card that are both number eight. It is about mastering something and positive change. It is about movement, power and progress. The Strength card is about mastery of ones thoughts. It is about finding our own inner strength, conquering our thoughts and fears – the maiden has tamed the beast!

A card of confidence, magnanimity, optimism, validation and will.

This card was once known as the Mastery of ones Thoughts. The Shadowscapes Companion book says: ‘There are many kinds of strength. . . There is the steady strength of an oak springing from a tiny acorn but growing, growing into a mighty tree. There is the strength of bamboo, swaying and internalizing forces from around but not breaking.

Planet Mars is still transiting through Sun sign of Leo. Where can we use the gift today of authority and power?

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