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14.04.2021 Ace of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Two days on from the new moon we have the fortuitous and prosperous ace of pentacles.

Aces are our gifts from the Universe, the new beginnings, potential but on which we have to take action for ‘nothing grows in a void.’ The Shadowscapes Companion book says: ‘It is the possibility of prosperity, abundance and security. It is the promise of wealth and well-being, of flourishing and reaping the rewards of hard work. Energy spent will see returns. A seed has been dropped into the fertile earth. What will sprout from that seed?

What new seed(s) did we plant on the new moon? Like all plants we need to have patience and to tend them. We are more than capable of assisting this seed to grow but we need to put in the effort.

Are we able to see a positive outcome for ourselves? Have we taken on the guidance that has been being drip fed to us through the daily card readings? Stand in our own power, engage with positivity, gratitude attitude etc. If it helps to bring good stuff to us then why not!

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