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14.03.2021 Page of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: ‘Every book has a cover.’ They are all different, they are all unique, just as we are. For today I want us to be aware that the cover of a book only gives us a synopsis, a taste of the fuller picture that is held within. As is our ‘cover’ and our stories that we hold within.

This card is about opportunities opening up for us but if we are not open to receive then we may miss this current opportunity. The good news is that if it is meant for us it will find a way to come back around again. Be sure of that, trust! We surely all dream of material comfort and security along the paths we tread through this life. At some stage it may overwhelm us and we get into a way of being that begins to expect that we need more. I am reminded that some books have a ‘jacket’ while others manage without one. Do we really need the extra ‘dressing’ to help us through life or is it just perceived. Double earth energy with this card would have us questioning our true needs. Shall we let the sleeping dragon lie in peace or will we stir him from his slumber? If we stir him then we have to be prepared for the consequences!

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