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13.12.2020 Two of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Today we stay with the planetary impact of Mars which was also yesterday’s cards influencer. The fiery planet is the ruler of Aries and associated with today's card. This planet brings raw energy to the first sign of the zodiac where we can find ourselves possibly moved to take action without thinking. If this comes from a place of fear then we will employ war like qualities but if we allow our hearts to lead then we can make that energy work for us and not against us; or anyone else in our outer reaches. Today the new beginning energy is still with us as in the first sign of the zodiac and we are being guided to make the choice that will assist us to bring positive change into play. It is always valuable to listen to our intuition at this time. Energy is around us, asking us to move forward and it is a time when we can take action to what it is we want for our futures. Embrace this raw energy that can fire us up to be ready for the unknown that lies ahead of us. Be in our own truth.

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