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13.10.2021 Two of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: A side step away from the fiery Wands energy today and into the loving arms of the Two of Cups. This card is the minor arcana card equivalent of the six of the major arcana – the Lovers, which was once known of as the Choice card.

I know we are heading into Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere here but there is a feeling of Spring and a lightness of step with this card today. Maybe it is the energy of love that lifts us up today. It can be considered the card of manifesting new love where there is that deep connection of the person truly ‘getting’ you/ understanding you on a deep level even though you have only just met or been introduced to them. The card is about the purity of what this connection can be, a beautiful heart to heart energy.

Card of affection, emotion in relationship, a supportive partner. In the card we can feel the flowing energy between the two as they easily and comfortably wrap around each other. There are two full cups to be drank from but they are in no hurry. They take their time and truly taste all the ingredients of the nectar held within the cup. Such is their ease of being with each other that there is no need to rush at anything. Each minute can be savoured. Card of the planet of love, Venus in the Zodiac sign of Cancer which is of the water element. This is where the feeling and emotion comes in which is a deeper connection than say that of the air element where Venus is at home [in Libra]. Twos are about balance, choices, decisions and duality. Maybe we will find a nice balance through a choice we make. Not all things need to be either black or white, maybe we can enjoy a little of both.

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