• Patricia Jean Fleming

13.09.2021 Five of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Monday: Fives are the number of change, following on from the ‘wind of change’ yesterday. Fives can be unsettling energy or instability and Cups are about emotions, feelings and relationships. Therefore this card brings us challenge, conflicts, and emotional intensity. A card of not moving on from the past in our minds or from within. We are asked to try to see past the current position. A good mantra is ‘this too shall pass.’ This card is about stuck emotions because we are being consumed by negativity and in downward spiraling thoughts. A card of loss and/or regret, of looking back instead of forward or even just being able to move ourselves into the here and now. These difficult emotional days do not serve us. Working with gratitudes can pull us back into the upward spiral that is a much nicer journey to be in. Thank you for . . . Even if we don’t mean it, speak them out and see how they can help to turn the energy around. Card of the planet Mars in the Sun sign of Scorpio. If we believe life will ‘sting us in the tail,’ then that is what we will call towards us. We can change our ‘luck in life’ by learning to work with positive energy. Mars is a planet of action and desire, the planet of war and yet with all astrology there is two sides to the story. Let us use the action and desire to move away from warring thoughts and actions, even when focused on ourselves.

We can do this! This too shall pass.

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