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13.09.2020 – Seven of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: This card is of planet Saturn in Sun sign Taurus. With Saturn we have a slimming down energy (contraction) and effort but the planet is currently in retrograde therefore this could be the reason for our continued need for patience. Today it is in the Sun sign of Capricorn a fellow earth element of Taurus which is a symbol of strength and persevering. Yesterday the planet Jupiter stationed direct but within close proximity to both Pluto and Saturn. Heather Eland (@astrologywithheather) tells us in her September 2020 update that this highlights: ‘the need to create powerful new opportunities out of the rubble of what’s been cleared away over these last few months. It’s time to move forward once again, placing a greater emphasis on material growth and external appearances now that we’ve all had a bit of time to do some soul searching.’ However Mars also is in retrograde so I think this is where the patience is needed. In the card we seen the lady testing the fruit to see if it is ready to be harvested or if it needs to grow a little more before picking it.

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