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13.07.2022 King of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: We have had the Page and the Knight now the King pops up for us today. Kings are of authority, they are leaders and protectors. He is the third king of the four suits and begins to see things more clearly. He knows how to speak his truths, he sees the bigger picture and his direction clearly too. He has surmounted the challenge of heart before mind and can focus with clarity on his forward movement. He guides us that it is time for us to take charge, to take control through clear knowing to move us forward. To be clever and decisive, having law and truth on our side while embracing liberation energy. Card of great achievement, dominance in intellectual pursuits and in achieving ones ambitions. Today in astrology we have the Super Full Moon at 21° of Capricorn. Heather Eland shares: . . . ‘ Capricorn is the energy of the provider and authority and with the moon through this sign we are reminded of our duty, of what we have come here to accomplish and leave behind for generations yet to come. . . This is a period of time when it may seem as though we are in perfect alignment with the Universe, feeling inspired and seeing signs that we are on our path.

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