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13.06.2020 – 0 The Fool

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Some would liken the Fool to the Jester of the pack but she is not joking around. She is engaged in striding forward on whatever journey presents itself to her. She is not afraid to be radical, to engage in the revolutionary energy of the planet Uranus and her ability to embrace change. Linked also to the air sign Aquarius and their, sometimes brusque appearance in ‘getting on with things’ approach.

If the journey is not undertaken then there is limbo, a considerably worse place to be than the unknown ahead – at least there is movement here; and if we don’t like something then it is either in our free will to change it or if unable to do so, then a lesson for us to learn from.

Are we ready to throw caution to the wind today and take a step forward into the rest of our life? It helps to know that we are never truly alone on our life journey. It is a journey we alone have to make but if we allow ourselves to receive, then there is guidance available to us which makes it an easier journey to experience.

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