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13.05.2021 Three of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Stabbed in the heart, heartbreak, loss, this card visibly tells a story of hurt and possible betrayal. Many things in this life’s journey can wound us, leave us destroyed, a shadow of the person we once were – but were we true to ourselves or were we caught up in stories that were not of our own making? Why would anyone want to be in such a painful place – is it because we are taught this is the way we have to be? We have to mourn the loss of others (in which ever way that occurs in our lives)? Or is there another way, another side to the coin, a yin to the yang? A feeling of being sorry for ourselves will never come from the heart, the heart loves, it doesn't destroy. Can we learn to care enough for ourselves that we do not let ourselves be depleted by our perception of how we ‘think’ things should be? This may have been a harsh truth that was revealed to us which we have to allow ourselves to heal from. Life moves forward, don’t keep ourselves stuck in the past. Allow ourselves to heal.

This is a card of the planet Saturn in the Sun sign of Libra. Saturn, planet of authority and discipline, limitations and restrictions. Libra, sign of balance and justice, equality and harmony.

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