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13.04.2021 Page of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: The Pages are the messengers of the suits and are enthusiastic and youthful in their vibe. Today’s Page of Wands brings us the message of creativity and passion. There are many forms of creativeness and we are all capable of doing something that falls within that; even though we may ‘think’ we don’t. Music is currently high in vibration for me and in being asked to share this card with you. I feel that we are being asked to open our ears to messages being sent through the lyrics or sounds of the music that may nudge a memory for us. As much as we may not be blessed with the ability to play an instrument, we are all capable of knowing what we like to listen to where music is concerned. When was the last time we turned on the radio?

Again I am being asked to share the guidance of standing in your own power, being true to who you are. Do not let the voice of another overpower your knowledge of you. True friends will support you and allow you to be you. Only those who fear you or wish to make something out of you, will make you feel less than you are. Dare to connect with that passionate drive within you today that brings out creativeness. We can never please all of the people, all of the time and we don’t need to. Be happy with your own creativity and if someone else engages with it then see that as a bonus. Find the joy in doing and being happy.

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